Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mora County Requests Assistance from State Auditor


Contact: Paula Garcia, 575-387-5279


In a recent meeting, the Mora County Commission took an action to request a special audit of the Mora County Complex. The complex is a major construction project in Mora County that has been the subject of criticism because of its cost, size, and delays in completion. “We submitted a written request to State Auditor Hector Balderas to determine whether best practices were followed in the use of taxpayer dollars,” said Paula Garcia, the new Chair of the Mora County Commission.

The proposed Mora County Complex is designed to house county officials and employees, a courtroom, and sheriff’s office. The original estimate for the construction cost was $7 million and was later increased to $13 million. Because the county was able to secure only partial funding, the previous county commission decided to proceed with construction of a shell in the hopes of raising more funds in the future. “The project remains unfinished but the county wants to complete the project. Before proceeding, we want an audit to tell us whether we need to make improvements in the way the project has been managed,” remarked Garcia. “We requested guidance from State Auditor Balderas as the very first action of our new administration. We expect a written reply from Mr. Balderas very soon.”


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